Published on
December 1, 2023
Just Tantau
5740 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90016

Just Tantau


noon-6 pm

Next week the store will be closed Monday-Thursday.

Nellie Bly, store cat

Nellie Bly was an American journalist who was widely known for her record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days in emulation of Jules Verne's fictional character Phineas Fogg, and an expose in which she worked undercover to report on a mental institution from within.

When this 10-week old arrived at Just Tantau, she immediately embarked upon a tour of the premises, found a place to take a nap, and then did so.

These earrings are made from vintage typewriter keys. Most of my typewriter keys are from machines made before 1945 that have metal rims. Some are just a piece of paper with a glass cover, and occasionally I de-construct those and insert something else, like these.

When I wear these, I like to switch them up occasionally and see if anyone notices.

Everyone has a stash

of things that

need fixing.


so we can plan your workshop!

Bring that bag/box of jewelry that you've had for years. Let's make something new for you to actually wear again!

A hidden gem...

We are tucked away

at the back of the parking lot

next to Bee Taqueria.

Feel free to request an appointment

outside of our regular business hours.

(Click below)

Carol Tantau

Carol Tantau

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